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Posting: 05-04-2017
Visits WORK TO GOVERNOR Sulbar Mamasa
Plt. Inspector General of Police of West Sulawesi Governor Carlo Brix Tewu undertake working visits All Mamasa, Wednesday (05/04/2017). Working visit of the Governor of times Singer coupled WITH Socialization Gandang Dewata Launch of National Parks and Regional Working Meeting of Government - Communities Mamasa.
Based on the Decree of the Minister of Environment and Forestry Number: 773 / MENLHK / Secretariat / PLA.2 / 10/2016, Gandang Dewata designated as a National Park area. Gandang Dewata mountain located in the mountains of Quarles What unfolds amid the island of Sulawesi. Gandang Dewata Derived from the word "gandang" The Means drum and "gods" Which means god. It is said that the naming of the mountain has its own story The singer is believed by 'society Mamasa. Potential Biodiversity ON Gandang Dewata National Park Area High Enough. There Flora Diversity and fauna typical of Sulawesi is still living and is sustainable in the region, plus Again Attraction Potential beautiful nature Gandang Dewata MADE IN hearts feasible to review the National Park Area.
Search Google Articles enactment of Gandang Dewata as the National Park, Regent Mamasa H. Ramlan Badawi, MH. Hope in case the Ministry Subscription CAN advance Gandang Dewata as Yosemite National Quality And MAY known in the National and International Level. Also in ITU activities was signed edict Which consists of 6 (six) points in the Dan Company Company several TYPE birds.

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